• Art Ross announces his retirement as governor of the Boston Bruins.

• This was the season of the infamous Richard Riot in Montreal. On March 17, the Montreal Canadiens were hosting the Detroit Red Wings in their first game since Maurice "Rocket" Richard was suspended for the remainder of the season for punching a linesman who was trying to restrain him during a fight four nights earlier. The fight started after Richard intentionally injured Hal Laycoe of the Boston Bruins, who had high-sticked Richard on a power play earlier in the game. During the Canadiens' next game, NHL commissioner Clarence Campbell was at the Montreal Forum with his fiancee. Fans started pelting him with debris, and a tear gas bomb was set off not too far from where Campbell was sitting. The Forum was evacuated, and the game was forfeited to the Red Wings. A riot spilled onto the streets, lasting well into the night and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

• The Red Wings' forfeit victory proved to be the difference in securing the league's best overall record and home-ice advantage throughout the playoffs. They would take full advantage, beating the Montreal Canadiens, four games to three, to win the Stanley Cup -- with the deciding game being played at Detroit's Olympia. It would be the Red Wings' last Stanley Cup title for 42 years.

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