• The National Hockey League is formed on November 26 with four member teams -- the Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Senators and Toronto Arenas.

• Dave Ritchie of the Wanderers scores the first goal in NHL history in the Wanderers' 10-9 victory over the Arenas. It would be the lone win in the Wanderers' NHL existence.

• Four games into that inaugural season, the Wanderers' arena burned to the ground, destroying all of the team's equipment in the process. Already $30,000 in debt, the team forfeited its next two games and eventually folded. The players were dispersed among the three remaining teams.

• The Canadiens won the first half title, while the Arenas emerged on top in the second half. The Arenas beat the Canadiens in the two-game total goals series to win the O'Brien Cup as the NHL champions.

• The Arenas beat the Vancouver Millionaires, the champions of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association, three games to two to win the Stanley Cup.

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