• Forward passing is now permitted in the neutral zone, as long as no offensive player preceded the puck into the offensive zone.

• Regular season overtime was changed to a ten-minute period to be played in its entirety, regardless of whether a goal is scored.

• George Owen of the Boston Bruins becomes the first player in NHL history to wear protective head gear. Helmets would eventually become mandatory for all incoming players 51 years later.

• The playoff format changes to a nonsensical one. The first-place teams in each division play a best-of-five series for the NHL title. The second and third-place teams play two-game total goals series to determine who plays in a best-of-three semifinal series. The semifinal winner takes on the NHL champion in a best-of-three series for the Stanley Cup. Under this format, the Boston Bruins swept the New York Rangers to take the Cup. The Bruins would go undefeated in postseason play.

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