• In a major rule change, in an effort to increase scoring, forward passing was now allowed in the offensive zone, not just in the defensive and neutral zones. This led to abuse -- players would loiter near the opponent's goal waiting for the puck. The rule was changed again in December, as players were now barred from entering the offensive zone ahead of the puck -- the birth of the modern-day offsides rule.

• On January 7, Clint Benedict becomes the first goalie in NHL history to wear a protective face mask. He wore the mask for five games to protect a broken nose.

• Behind Cooney Weiland's record-setting 73 points, the Boston Bruins finished with a record of 38 wins, 5 losses and one tie. The .875 win percentage is a record that still stands today.

• Despite the Bruins' regular season dominance, they would not win the Stanley Cup. They were swept by the Montreal Canadiens, two games to none.

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